GAIL SC&ST Employees Welfare Association (GSEWA), a forum of all SC & ST employees including officers and non-officers staff of GAIL (India) Ltd, has been formed in June 2006 to monitor and analyze the effective implementation of affirmative action and presidential directives and guidelines issued in time to time by Government of India for the welfare of SC & ST employees e.g. reservation in recruitment, promotion, training including foreign training,maintenance of roster etc. Forum aims to facilitate the information sharing, to increase awareness in the field of social responsibility, cultural values, professional knowledge, quality education & health for self and dependents etc. GSEWA do highlights and take up the issue with GAIL Management and other constitutional authorities related to atrocities and discrimination of our members. GSEWA endeavors to enhance the feeling of brotherhood among the employees of all section of the society and across all levels in hierarchy. We also work beyond the organization for the socially marginalized, oppressed and needy society of the country.