1- The CGB shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Memorandum and its Rules & Regulations of the association.

2- The term ‘Members’ mentioned in the Constitution shall include all employees of the GAIL (India) Limited in the cadre of executive and non executive and must belong to the category of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes (SC/ST) i.e. employee whose caste has been scheduled as per Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Order Amendment Act 1956 of India. 

3- The term “Association” means GAIL SC/ST Employees Welfare Association (GSEWA).

4- The “Company'” means the GAIL (India) Limited including its entire projects and other offices.

5- “Government” includes the administrative ministry of GAIL (India) Ltd. and/or any other concerned ministries of Government of India responsible directly or indirectly for the welfare of the SC/ST employees.

6- The Association shall have no link with any political party of any nature whatsoever.

7- Only CGB shall be competent to decide about any legal action or financial assistance to be given to any Member of the Association.

8-  CGB shall be competent to propose any modification or alteration in the memorandum or/and in the Rules and Regulations of the association which shall either be ratified by Central Electoral Body or majority strength (three fifth) of its members. Ratification of any proposal by the members shall also consider the proxy voting within a time frame fixed by CGB. 

9-  All members shall abide by the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation of the association in its letter and sprit.

10-  GSEWA may have the affiliation with any other similar type of association/trust/society present in the country or outside.